Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Incoming 15mm Cold Climes Planetary Militia this September at The Ion Age

“Faercyle II is nowhere. I mean it. I had to look it up. Right out there on the edge of the known Precinct in the least wanted star system of the Camarthen cluster. The Faercyle system ain't like Camarthen itself or the beautiful Myrdan and Ambrosia systems with their beaches and lush farmlands. No, that planet is a near permanent frozen rock just inside the habitable zone of its little sun. Nothing there, nothing living. But one thing we want. Lots of titanium. A damn lot and easy to mine as well through the ice just got to scrape it off. Height of summer you can walk about with just protective clothing, spring and autumn heated Aketon armour is fine but the winter, your choice is indoor or icicle. The heated town and farmlands of Ismere are nice most of the time due to the under soil pipes. Anyway I was put out there back in '21 when the first ore converters were set up. To train a Planetary Militia you know. Not a big contingent but enough for the expected half million population. Took us a year and I was glad to the leave. Cold Climes ain't no fun for a trooper. I took the shuttle to orbit and never looked back. Still can't put ice in my drinks.

So three weeks ago I get a vid call from regional command telling me and the other instructors that we are shipping out along with elements of the 202nd and the 608th ,both good regiments, for Faercyle II. To back up the 'PM' against a new foe. I asked was it the Cannies or the Yordists or some grasping rim baron trying to muscle in on the mining. No answers though. Not until the 'Kildare' jumped in system and I saw we had three other warships with us as well as regimental transports. A big task force with a lot of space borne fire power. Made me sweat. Swapping shots on the ground fine but not up there. Nothing though next to what we were told was actually going on. First contact, real aliens. I had heard of the xeno digs on Camarthen Prime but there was nothing there; only dust. This was different. Seemed that Faercyle had been raided from space. People carried off, buildings destroyed, refined titanium stolen. Alien raiders had attacked the planet.

I swore I would never come back here. But all it took was five years and an alien presence and it was back to the frozen funfair. Two days ago the Kildare spotted incoming ships. Several of them. Smaller than our crates but coming in a a sustained three standard gravities. Like needles straight at the planet. Wanting another shot at the ore or perhaps more. Command has named them 'Prang', no idea why. No idea what they look like and the locals ain't saying much. I am back with the Planetary Militia in my cold climes gear. In Ismere the only star port on this rock, dug in deep. We are ready this time. We will let them land and then see what happens. See what these Prang, these Raiders are all about. If nothing else it will keep the chill off. Man I hate the cold.”
Sergeant William Harris, 202nd Muster Regiment, Ismere Starport, Faercyle II. 4326IC Militias.
This month The Ion Age will release a whole new sub-force into the 15mm ranges.  Cold Climes Planetary Militia the defence forces who gear up for the working in the frozen and in the mountains as well as anywhere else in the Prydian Precinct where snow and ice prevail.  Worlds like Faercycle II and Bargle III which are valuable and have breathable atmospheres but are too cold for normal habitation have these troops present to fend off raiders, condots and invasions by Humans and aliens alike.  We will be releasing twenty six new 15mm scale poses sculpted by Sam Croes in the form of two ten figure squads and a five figure command team as well as all of these in a platoon with an extra free special miniature..the female sniper you can see here.  Yum!
We will be releasing all the codes later this month in one lot along with some great images of them. Above is a typical trooper in cold climes gear without his helmet and carrying the standard load out of a Moth Type 6 Rifle.  You can find the full story of the Planetary Militia in IAB03 The Khanate Return and if you want to get some free content there is the playtest Planetary Militia in Patrol Angis which is hosted on our website.  
If you are reading this after September 2017 you can find all of the Planetary Militia troops on the website HERE and their vehicles HERE.
We will be further expanding the Planetary Militia in October before phase two continues with more alien releases.  I hope you enjoyed this little first look at the Incoming for this month and above is the Planetary Militia Platoon in standard uniform (IAFP07).
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Monday, 11 September 2017

EH01 The Flower of Evil great for 15mm science fiction gaming

“My right hand gripped the revolver so tightly that the steel pushed achingly into my flesh.  Beyond the door was a thing of nightmare; of dreams, of madness.  It sat upon the bowing wooden floor of the boarding house with its bulbous trunk throbbing and root like tendrils writhing across the bare planks.  Taller than a man and topped with waving fronds which carried more the look of meat than of plant matter it had seen me kick open the peeling blue painted door.  It had seen me with oil black eyes dotted around its upper body and now it undulated a nerve flaying call.  Was it alone or were there more?  The bile rose in my throat and I wanted to scream at the impossibility of it but I knew that if I began to scream I would never stop.  I was a cop and there was a little girl missing somewhere in this misbegotten place.  Taking aim I pulled the trigger again and again and it was that accursed flower of evils turn to scream.”
The Flower of Evil. One of the first sculpts for Alternative Armies by the awesome Sam Croes and now in high quality grey tone resin and reduced in price too.   It is great for many scales and settings. You can use it in 28mm in 15mm or even in 6mm as it sizes its threat to your other miniatures. Horror Games, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Plant Wars (they are Triffic!) and more.  Go HERE or read on to learn and see more. 
EH01 Flower of Evil
This pack contains one resin miniature in a single piece of a monster plant which is 34mm tall and very detailed.  Is it flesh or is it plant matter?  Plays with your mind. Great for many scales and settings you have the choice of purchasing a single miniature or getting five and we will include a sixth free with it.  Excellent value.  3.00GBP.  Go HERE.
The scale shot here shows a 28mm Elf Assassin from our FL range (30mm tall) and a 15mm Rim Merc Trooper (16mm tall) alongside the Flower of Evil.  These are not included in the pack but shown for scale only.
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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Here are all the free Ion Age files for Patrol Angis!

As well as our print and digital paid download game books we at The Ion Age also have some free files for download.  All of these were hosted on our Dropbox but that has changed and now they are all free for the taking directly from our website.  
You can go HERE and browse the pages looking for 'HERE' links or use the listing in this short article to get what you want now.  Enjoy!
The Patrol Angis Game System
There is a folder of free resources for Patrol Angis.  Download HERE
Download a free Scenario set just after the events of 'Return of the Khanate' HERE.
Go to our 15mm Publications page for some external links to independent reviews and such for Patrol Angis.
Playing a minor faction in Patrol Angis.  
We have play test rules and mechanics for several new factions which are outside of the books.  Get these downloads now.
The Prang
There are two free articles for the alien Prang.  Get the Prang Army HERE and the Prang Raiders HERE.
The Xin Hegemony
An interstellar trade fleet back in contact with the rest of Humanity.  Get the Xin HERE.
The Planetary Militia
A play test article which came out before The Khanate Return.  Have a look HERE.
We hope you have fun with Patrol Angis and these free downloads.  If you have suggestions for future free articles please do let me know with a comment or an email to info@theionage.com .  I am always happy to speak with an IonFan.
More news and fun space opera style real soon!
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Friday, 11 August 2017

Baron will be the fourth book for Patrol Angis at The Ion Age

As announced on the 1st of August 2017 we are entering the leading edge of the second phase for The Ion Age and my own contribution to this will be the forth book for Patrol Angis.  If you missed this important article you can read it on our BLOG.  The forth title will be a setting book which will be of interest not only to players of Patrol Angis but also any of the other Ion Age game systems past, present and future.  It will be called 'Baron' and it is the story of the Prydian Civil War.

As you can see there will be a lot packed into the sixty four pages of Baron.  The tale of the more than thirty years of the Civil War from the death of King Cyon at Fenway Prime to the climatic defeat of the League of Yordan led by Reckhart Nevall at Lundwick III.  The star systems of the Precinct will give you details and events for all of the important places during the Civil War as well as their uniforms, tactics and more.  Marcher Barons are the powerful leaders and lords of the systems and this book will explain the League of Canlaster, the League of Yordan as well as other baronial forces large and small. Condots are knights and muster who sell their swords to the highest bidder and you will learn about the infamous among them such as the Quarrel Company of the legendary Diodine Sparrow.  

There are also two sections of the Baron book which will bring new rules and statistics along with troops and characters to Patrol Angis.  These are the introduction of the illustrious Starvaulters...yes...the golden haired rock gods of space opera...million strong and the best warriors in the Precinct.  A full account of their armour, weapons, troop types, vehicles as well as lance organisation and the Code Gallant.  Secondly advanced character and personality rules.  These will add right onto the ones found in the core Patrol Angis book with points costs and will give more customisation of your miniatures.  There will also be some of the most important characters along with their rules in play such as Edmund Bluefort, Reckhart Nevall, Diodine Sparrow, Marcus Flame and Thomas de Lancey.  

(Above is the only current 15mm Starvaulter and it is a one off sculpt..for now.  
You can find it in the Year One Collection)

The creation of this book is currently under way among my work upon Flintloque and upon Valon, upon Darkhelm and other projects too.  I am aiming for publication later this year and hope to get Sam Croes to create another epic piece of cover art for the book too.  But before that I would like to point you towards the Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Group which is where I hang out on Facebook answering questions and talking gaming.  I am putting a thread up asking for input on Baron such as which new skills, abilities, objects and more you would like to see in the advanced rules.  There are dozens of players of Patrol Angis in the group and all who chip in with suggestions on the thread will get a credit in the book.  If you are not a member then please do apply to join and I will let you in. It is a lovely small group and very friendly.

If you want to email me direct then do so with your input to info@theionage.com or comment on the blog post.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Gorilla Animech Now Available From Rebel Minis

The Gorilla Animech from Rebel Minis is now available for sale.

This big brute can be found here, at this link...

Here are some assembled pics.

The Gorilla Animech is a pretty technical build, but there is an assembly guide in downloadable PDF form that will be provided at checkout.



Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Ion Age - New Shia Khan Vehicles

The Ion Age makes all of its releases for the month with the first two 15mm scale Shia Khan Empire armoured vehicles for you to use with IAB03 The Khanate Return in your games of Patrol Angis. Place your order and get your Pugnus Light Tank and or your Manus APC both alien and superbly different styled resin and white metal wheeled vehicles. Every order gets Reward Points on your account and you get IMP46 Female Retained Knight Errant (worth 1.00GBP) free included and remember we have 25% off the IAF057 Knight Errants of Prydia character pack this month. Read on for more or head for the website HERE now.

“The last town in the Glover Agri Zone was taken by four lances of the 23rd Regiment who came up against something not yet seen. Armoured vehicles designated Pugnus type light tanks. One of these alien creations was blown apart by rounds from a Bodkin Type 6 rifle, its 28mm explosive penetrator shells punching through the deep red armour of the tank. Another killed half a lance of Knights with its triple Jupiter 46mm plasma mounts before it was stopped. With a Pugnus destroyed, the only other aliens to be found were three short and stout power armoured Legionaries who appeared to be engineers of some kind. Despite best efforts none of the three were taken alive instead they chose to open fire with Maia 9.6mm Mpi. It took only a day for the agriculture zone to be back in the hands of Humanity. It was a fine beginning. Food and more would now flow from the zone to the army and civilians had been saved and a new chapter for the Sigil was begun. Glover would be a place from which to meet the aliens and drive on further. The 23rd Regiment of Prydia was joined by the 207th Muster Regiment and armoured platoons from the 96th Regiment. A combined arms force of nearly ten thousand troops which was going to set out from Glover to meet the Shia Khan Legion which was advancing north from the Chivers Zone."

The enemy force had been designated the Styx Legion in the established manner of fighting the oldest foe of mankind. With purpose in their hearts the Knights and their Muster of the Prydian Army boarded their transport vehicles and their repulsar platforms and struck forth into the next battle.” - From The Khanate Return.

There are many images from all angles along with comparison scale shots and parts pictures all on the web page for each vehicle and they are too many to show here. Please continue through to see them all.

IAF136 Pugnus Light Tank
The primary armoured vehicle of the Camarthen system in service of the Legions is a modular wheeled hull which is adapted to different uses. The most common of these the Pugnus is a light tank which has two side pods, each mounting twin Juno Lasers or Jupiter Plasma Cannons giving it the ability to support infantry and to take on enemy vehicles of light to medium types. It is deployed in threes alongside Legion Tesserans which lack mobility and heavier firepower. The Pugnus is about 50mm tall and 50mm wide when it is assembled. This pack contains the following 15mm scale resin and white metal parts which can be seen in the mono image on the page: A centre hull, a right hull, a left hull, two Wheels and two Triple Jupiter Plasma Weapon mounts. This kit is easy to assemble. 7.00GBP Go HERE.

IAF137 Manus Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
The primary armoured vehicle of the Camarthen system in service of the Legions is a modular wheeled hull which is adapted to different uses. Adapted for use as a personnel carrier the Manus variant can take two entire Tesserans of Legionaries to where they wish to go and support them while there. Carrying them within its central wheels in stabilised comfort. The Manus is about 50mm tall and 65mm wide when it is assembled. This pack contains the following 15mm scale resin and white metal parts which can be seen in the mono image on the page: A centre hull, a right hull, a left hull, two Wheels, a 'rear end' personnel carrier assembly of four pieces and two Twin Juno Laser Weapon mounts. This kit is easy to assemble. 10.00GBP Go HERE.

Later this month the scenario for Patrol Angis set in the second Camarthen campaign called 'Once more to Grapple' will be published for free on The Ion Age Blog. This scenario makes use of all three titles in the series and sees the Prydian Army take on the Khanate including Pugnus and Manus vehicles as well as this month's free miniature as a character called Briona Sullivan of the Barony of Messena. It is a large scenario and is being play tested now. You can see a picture (one of many which will be included) above. The scenario picks up where the story in The Khanate Return left off in the Glover Agri Zone where Baron Heraldus Falkner has been given the task of taking the zone back from the aliens. A veteran of two campaign including against the Gryre the Baron is aided by nobles and errants who have pledged themselves to the quest of Camarthen. 

For more on the free miniature for the month and for our offer this month and our Reward Points system please refer to this post on our blog HERE.

Enjoy these fantastic new alien vehicles and there are more to follow along with a big expansion of the Shia Khan Empire's troops as well. All in 2017.

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